2020 Year-end Review Conference was Held Successfully

2020 witnessed great challenges that we have never faced before. Because of COVID-19, we have experienced unprecedented hardships, and we employees in foreign trade are also facing severe challenges.

Despite all the hardships, we have not stopped moving forward. We still have a firm belief that we will work together to learn, grow, and turn the crisis into an opportunity in the most difficult moment of foreign trade.

In 2020, we have made excellent achievements through the efforts of all employees in the most difficult year. Although all our regular customers were forced to suspend their business due to the epidemic last year, and all customer orders for our products, such as badges, embroidery, key chains, medals and PVC patch, were seriously affected, we are still working hard to meet our customers' needs, and provide them with a full range of professional services.

Because of the epidemic, nearly 50% of our counterparts went bankrupt in 2020. Facing with such severe situation, we did not regress, but increase our sales by 10% compared with that in 2019! Although the figure is small, but it is really hard to achieve for badges, embroidery, key chains, medals and PVC patch industries! This is the result of the efforts of all our staff, and also the trust and support given by all our customers. Thank you very much, customers, and all employees!

In 2021, we will deeply optimize the advantages of Pinstar:

1. Quick response and good service

2. Stable and powerful supply chain with a reasonable and professional supply chain management system

3. There is a guarantee of sufficient funds to put our customers at ease, for instance, shareholders can increase capital at any time; we have Alibaba's endorsement; we get support from SINOSURE and so on.

4. Short period and fast delivery

5. Customized service

6. Professional quality assurance system

We insist on making products with good quality, low price and high cost performance. Please rest assured that we have professional procurement talents as well as a professional supplier management system.

In 2021, we are determined to become the most professional supplier in China, and we will be professional in products, services, supply chain management and quality control, so that customers can rest assured to place orders.

On January 29, 2021, our company held the annual wrap-up session. At the meeting, outstanding staff were commended and given honors and awards!



We are grateful for the hard work of all our staff in 2020! We are thankful again to the recognition given by our customers!



In 2021, we will continue to move forward and work hard. We will be your most professional partner!

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