Design and Manufacture of the Mould for the Commemorative Medal

To cast the commemorative medal with beautiful, exquisite craftsmanship and full of artistic charm, the medal manufacturer must have a qualified stamping mold. In the production of commemorative coins (medal), an extremely important process technology link is the design and production of moulds.

General process: design artwork - artificial gypsum board - dental tray plate - computer engraving  - the steel model -mold modification - master mold - working mold

A complete commemorative medal contains two patterns on the front and back. The design of the pattern is the first process of mold making, and it is the embodiment of fine art on the coin badge. It is extremely important for the medal maker to fully reflect the theme conception and the national style on the small size surface of the medal. After the designer receives the design task of the product, he must first actively and purposefully collect relevant information according to the nature and requirements of the product, carefully carry out the concept creation, and draw the artwork. 

Generally speaking, the design of the artwork should be able to reflect the generality, nationality, the oneness of harmony and unity. At the same time, the feasibility of the molding process and the imprinting process should be seriously considered. Also, it can be entered to the stage of the original model production after the artwork is designed. Through a series of extremely complex and superb fine carvings, combined with the use of advanced modern molding equipment and methods, the artist's design intent is fully expressed on the mould.

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