Factors Affecting the Price of Custom Medals and Their Maintenance

The competition in the custom medal industry has been quite fierce. Many custom medal enterprises continue to highlight their advantages to attract users. Especially in terms of the custom medal quotation, each custom medal enterprise will give the most competitive price. Then what are the main factors affecting the price of custom medals?

Ⅰ. The main influencing factors of custom medal quotation

The price and cost of custom medals depend on five aspects: 

1. Custom medals: the complexity of the technology. 

2. The grade of raw materials selected for medals (high-grade, mid-grade, low-grade). 

3. The amount of raw materials used in the product (copper, zinc alloy, aluminum, iron, etc.). 

4. The quantity of products (100, 300, 1000, 1000). If the quantity is different, the price is different. 5. The length of time (the shorter, the more preferential).

Different manufacturers will therefore consider different priorities and offer different prices according to the actual situation, but the cost determined according to the above 5 aspects will not change. If it is produced by large manufacturers, the price will be relatively favorable, but a penny for every penny has always been the law of value of any industry and any commodity. With a very low price, it is now very difficult to obtain high-end products.

Ⅱ. Maintain custom medals

Trophies and medals often symbolize the recipient's sense of honor, with high commemorative value and collection significance, but there are a lot of matters needing attention to the maintenance of trophies and medals of different materials. So how to maintain a custom medal?

(1) When dealing with the dust on metal trophies and medals, it is necessary to use clean and soft cloth to wipe, and in order to take care of all kinds of tiny corner details, it is necessary to use a soft small hair brush or the method of air blowing to suck away or blow away the dust.

(2) In the daily preservation of trophies or medals, in order to avoid mechanical damage to metal trophies and medals, it is best to place them separately, and not to collide or stack each other.

(3) The space of the metal custom medal must be kept dry, preferably without dust and air pollutants, and the temperature should be kept within 18℃ to 24℃, and the relative humidity is also best kept at 40% to 50%.

(4) At the same time, it is also necessary to avoid the trophies and medals from contacting the "invincible opponent" chemical components of metals, such as acids, fats, chlorides and other harmful components.

(5) With the passage of time, the metal trophy is very easy to oxidize. If the metal lost part of the metal luster, do not worry. At this time, we can use cotton or silk cloth to wipe back and forth, which can achieve the effect of polishing, so that the surface can be lustrous again.

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