Hemp Wheel Polishing Effect On The Badge

 As an Enamel Lapel Pin Manufactur, share the material of the metal badge.

  The metal badge is a product that we can often see in our lives. So, have you learned about its characteristics for this product? Let's take a look at the material of Metal Pin Badge.


  Copper can be divided into three types (red copper, copper, bronze).Copper is relatively tough, soft, and ductile. Copper is a lustrous property. Copper's conductivity and thermal conductivity are very high, second only to silver, but copper is much cheaper than silver. Copper is also a precious metal, suitable for strength, easy to shape and beautiful colors.

  2. Zinc alloy

  Zinc alloys are composed of zinc and other elements. Frequently added low-temperature zinc alloys such as aluminum, magnesium, lead and titanium. According to the processing technology, zinc alloy can be divided into two types: deformation and cast zinc alloy. Zinc alloy has good casting performance, and can be die-cast into complex shapes, thin-walled precision parts, and the casting is relatively smooth. Its surface can be electroplated, sandblasted, polished, etc.

  In the process of making badges, polishing is an indispensable part. The hemp wheel plays a big role. Let's talk about the polishing effect of the hemp wheel on the badge.

  1. Medium-hard hemp wheel, six-round and seven-ring lines, special badges, copper paint badges, and copper non-color products!

  2. Songma wheel, professional for three-dimensional products and products with curvature, also pay attention to products with smaller details, and products with small letters, because with hard hemp polishing, the details will be glued together, which will affect the beauty of the product. degree!

  3. Hard hemp wheel, the whole wheel line is dense, special iron, iron products, metal products, because the iron is hard! First throw it with hard hemp wheels!

  4. Cloth wheel, of course, this kind of wheel is relatively soft. After the product is polished by the hemp wheel, there will be a trace, and the cloth wheel will be lightly rubbed to make the surface of the product mirror, so that the gloss of the product will be better, so The cloth wheel is also an essential step.

Enamel Lapel Pin

Enamel Lapel Pin

  Enamel badge. That is, the badge made by the method of smashing color is the highest-end coloring process. It is commonly used in the production of military and state organs badges, badges, commemorative coins, medals, etc. that are particularly commemorative, long-term preservation.

  Enamel Lapel Pin, a high-end badge in the badge craft. It is mainly made of red copper and is fired in a high temperature of 850 degrees or more like a bean paste. Has the following characteristics:

  1. The place where the color is placed is almost flush with the metal line

  2. Into the powder, the color is dull, never fade

  3. Hard and brittle, the tip can not be stabbed

  4. High temperature resistance, it is necessary to pass the high temperature barbecue color above 850 degrees to dissolve the color.

  5. If the raw material is thin, the high temperature will cause the product to have curvature/curvature (not the bending effect)

  6. The back is not a bright plane, there will be irregular small pits, which are formed by high temperature ablation of impurities in the red copper

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