Pinstar Tells You How to Customize Badges

When talking about custom badges, the first thing that comes to mind is the material used to make badges. At this point, we are not going to talk about precious metals such as gold and silver, because they are not the common materials of making badges.The preferred material of customizing badges is copper, especially red bronze.The red bronze is relatively soft, so it is easy to form all kinds of design of badges on the surface. In addition, the copper has good corrosion resistance, abrasive resistance, castability and excellent mechanical properties. That is the reason why it can become the preferred material of customizing badges.


Kunshan pinstar gift co. ltd said that the craft of badges is also one of the key factors to custom badges.Generally speaking, the production process of high-end products is relatively more complicated. Enamel craftsmanship is one of the most complicated crafts in the process of making badges, thus, the enamel badges are real high-end products, on account of the craft of imitation enamel is similar to enamel.Thus, the imitation enamel badges can also be regarded as high-range badge. As for printing badges, bite version badges, epoxy badges and stoving varnish badges and others, their craft is relatively simple, thus they can only be regarded as ordinary badges. Especially those badges which made of iron or alloy, they are suitable for customers who have special requirement for the price.


In general, as for some special souvenir medals and valuable badges, their making can be considered as high-end badges.In addition, the design and accessories of badges is also one of the factors of high-end badges. As a truly high-end product, it’s design must be reasonable and high-level. In terms of accessories,they would choose relatively slap-up accessories, such as safety pin, round-head high card and so on,and packaging of badges will use slap-up wooden boxes, flocking boxes etc. Of course, what kind of accessories would be adapted in line with the usage of badges.

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