The Difference Between Spray Painting and Soft Enamel in the Process of Custom Lapel Pin Making

Ⅰ. What is the craftsmanship of custom made lapel pins

What is the difference among spraying painting, soft enamel, sand blasting, and spraying in lapel pin production? In the production of personalised lapel pins or nameplates, techniques such as soft enamel and sand blasting are often used. But many people don't know the specific difference among spraying paint, soft enamel, sand blasting, etc., let's briefly take a look then.

Ⅱ. What are the process options when ordering custom made lapel pins

1. Spraying painting: Spray paint is also called oil spray. Spraying oil on the plastic shell can cover up defects such as weld marks, and it is more shiny and has more color choices. Generally speaking, lapel pin suppliers mostly use the spray paint process for plastic products, such as plastic nameplates and plastic lapel pins.

2. Soft enamel: For metal parts, such as iron part, it is made through a series of procedures such as high-temperature water washing, oil removing, degreasing, painting, and baking. Medal lapel pins with strong metal texture and good quality are more conventional ones in ordering custom made lapel pins.

3. Sand blasting: The process of cleaning and roughening the surface of the base by the impact of high-speed sand flow is used by lapel pin factory; it is suitable for AL material, and the al-board is generally sandblasted (bright) and oxidized, divided into rough ones and fine ones.

4. Spraying: Spraying generally goes through the processes of cleaning, degreasing, spraying, and drying. It is a processing method of lapel pin suppliers in the baking process. Using the high-pressure spray gun to spray the workpiece is a special operation method of the gun.

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