The Origin of the European Lapel Pins

1. Identify through custom made lapel pins

The origins of European custom lapel pins are different, and it is generally believed that they are designed to be easily recognized on the battlefield. In the Medieval Guardian System, it was important to identify one's master or servant through a lapel pin.

In any case, for a family with a little dignity, buying custom made lapel pins can undoubtedly enhance pride and cohesion.

2. The style of custom made lapel pins

The most basic part of the early lapel pin is the shield. The shape of the shield, the division of the shield surface, the color, and the pattern are the principles for identifying the lapel pin. As long as there is a shield in a custom lapel pin, even the simplest color-only shield can be counted as a complete lapel pin.

In marriage, custom lapel pins can be combined into complex lapel pins. The Tudor Rose is a special example. During the Wars of the Roses, the Lancaster side had a red rose and the York side had a white rose. In the end, the Tudor family combined the two into one and a red and white rose was born.

3. The diversity of custom made lapel pins

As mentioned before, some other elements can also be added to the lapel pin to make it more gorgeous. Common ones are beasts, beast heads, helmets, slogans, exterior decorations, etc. In addition to families, groups, such as schools and teams, can also use custom lapel pins for more designs.

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