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Things to Consider Before Customizing Their Medallions

1. Learn about custom medallions

With the continuous improvement of social living standards, more and more people have begun to participate in more competitions to pursue higher breakthroughs. In the competition, the winner not only needs a record of his own, but also an honor of his own, and the customized medal serves as a symbol of honor for the competition. Each competition will have a dedicated metal custom medal, each medal representing the spirit of the competition.

2. What do enterprises need to consider before customizing medals?

Reciprocity has become an indispensable link in modern enterprises. A good reward permeates the civilization of the enterprise, shows the charm of the brand, and conveys the deep friendship of the giver. Medals are common rewards in our daily life, which can inspire, promote individual or collective progress, and stimulate individual potential. However, many customers do not know what issues to consider before customizing medals, so what should our company consider when we want to make custom medals?

First and foremost, custom medallions mean having competitions and perhaps monumental work. For example, the company wants to reward employees with outstanding performance and plans to use medals as prizes. At this time, you must consider the budget. If the budget is sufficient, the company logo or company abbreviation can be added to the medal. Such a medal is the highest honor for employees with excellent performance, and it should not be careless.

Secondly, the color and shape of the medals are also issues worthy of study. If you only reward the top three, you can only use gold, silver and bronze to represent the top one, two or three. If it is to reward the top six, it is suggested that the medal can be engraved with the ranking. The first three are different colors, and the last three use the same color.

Furthermore, in addition to the medal, there is another very important component of the custom medallions, which is the ribbon of the medal. Especially the butt ring of the belt and the medal, this must be done firmly, because a medal is invaluable to an outstanding employee, we hope it can be well preserved.

Finally, the custom medallions should be customized as soon as possible. Since the factory needs time to produce, it needs to make a batch of samples and then mass-produce them. So this cycle is about a month earlier.

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