Tips for Making Badges

1. Contact the badge manufacturer

Badges are usually made of metal and are suitable for being worn on the lapel of a suit jacket or sports jacket. If you want to make badges, you can contact badge manufacturers who specialize in badge making services.

2. Recognize various types of badges that can be custom made

There are several badge craft styles, and the price is also different. The oldest high-level craftsmanship is a custom cloisonne badge, which is the most valuable badge but with fewer colors.

The less expensive one among the custom made badges is the imitation cloisonne badge, which uses a craftsmanship similar to cloisonne, whose product effect and quality are better, and the color uses the Pantone color matching system for more color choices.

Among the custom made badges, the cheaper ones are soft enamel badges, which are rich in color and have a micro-emboss effect on the surface. The cheapest is the printing badge, and all kinds of pictures, photos can be printed directly on the metal plate fast and accurately.

3. Choose the most suitable custom made badge type

The most suitable type depends on your needs. If the company logo is made into a badge, the badge manufacturer will help you design the badge you want to make. They will help you design the badge you need, and you can also refer to some physical samples or badge pictures.

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