What Are the Common Categories of Custom Commemorative Badges?

1. Common classifications of custom badges

Commemorative medals include three categories: custom badges, collectible medals, and decorative medals. It is a general term for medal-shaped items with commemorative significance.

2. The production form of custom badges

The production of custom badges includes identity badges and artistic badges. Identity badges are the most common, a sign of identity and profession. Identity badges are widely used in factories, military, schools, government departments, and service companies. Badges are the earliest form of commemorative medals and can be traced back to the totem signs of clan tribes in primitive society.

The most common early forms of badges were cap badges and epaulettes. Among them, the conventional craft of making metal pin badges is stamping badges. Generally used badge materials include iron, zinc alloy, copper (red copper, bronze, etc.), aluminum and so on. Among them, due to the high price ratio of iron, it is often used to make badges, followed by zinc alloy badges, and copper press badges have the highest price. Zinc alloy die-casting process is more suitable for badges with inscribed.

The surface of the stamped badge can be subjected to various electroplating effects, including gold plating, nickel, copper, bronze, and antique silver. The recessed part of the stamped badge can also be processed into a sandblast effect.

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