What Details Need to Be Perfected for Metal Trophy Customization

1. Perfect maintenance of the details of the trophy itself

The dust on custom made medals and trophies should be wiped off with a clean and soft cloth, and those corner details with dust on them that require special attention should be brushed off with a soft brush or be siphoned off by a vacuum cleaner or just be blown off.

To prevent the trophy components from being mechanically damaged, they should not collide with each other and should not be stacked.

The storage space for metal medals and trophies must be kept dry and free of dust and air pollutants. The temperature is between 18°C and 24°C, and the relative humidity is between 40% and 50%;

To prevent contact with harmful chemical substances produced by metal trophies, such as acids, grease, chlorides, etc.

After the metal medals and trophies are placed for a long time, some dim phenomena will appear more or less depending on the placed environment. At this time, you can wipe them with cotton silk items.

2. The improvement of the partial details of the trophy

In the daily production of high-end medals from trophy suppliers, there will be many details that need to be carefully refined. In addition to the major aspects, it is also necessary to pay attention to local details.

For example, use matching personalised medals and trophies. The packaging of custom made medals is exquisite, and the packaging of high-end medals, like every one of our clothes, which pays attention to natural beauty and decent color matching, and the outer packaging of high-end medals, in its selection, focuses on matching.

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