What Kind of the Metal Lapel Pin Craft is Top Grade?

1. Cute lapel pins become mainstream

In recent years, the collection value of lapel pins has become higher and higher, especially lapel pins and commemorative medals made of metal materials have become the mainstream of lapel pin making. The so-called metal lapel pin is made of metal materials such as copper, iron, zinc alloy or gold and silver through a certain lapel pin process.

2. Several craft types of cute lapel pins

Copper is the first metal chosen for making high-end lapel pins. This metal is relatively soft, which is used by more lapel pin suppliers to make metal lapel pins. The metal lapel pins made of copper are beautiful in appearance and high in quality.

Iron is the most common material, and it is characterized by good hardness. Iron lapel pins for sale are lower in price, similar to the effect of copper ones, the effect of plating or baking in the surface of iron lapel pins has a better texture as well.

Zinc alloy is the best material for die cast metal lapel pins. The casting performance of it is good, and the surface can be electroplated, painted, and sprayed; it is also a material used by lapel pin factory.

3. The future of fashion lapel pins

For process and technology, their improvement is endless. Improvement is a process of continuous investment. As a professional company of custom made lapel pins online and other products, we deeply integrate process technology and manufacturing technology to improve the manufacturing strength and influence in the industry. If necessary, please feel free to contact us.

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