What Rules Must Be Followed when Customizing Medals?

Ⅰ. Learn about custom medallions

In the process of customizing medallions, many customers do not understand the true inner meaning of medals, and they always roughly think that medals, as the name suggests, are a signboard awarded to someone. In fact, custom medallions must meet the specifications for awarding, including the use of the medal, the purpose of awarding, the selection of materials, specifications, colors, text layout and other procedures. Since medals are to be issued, a unit or individual getting a medal is an honor. Customizing a medal is a very serious matter. Every aspect of its design contains the ideas that the organizer wants to reflect. Just like the customization of custom metal badges, there are many specifications and requirements that need to be taken seriously.

Ⅱ. Rules that must be followed when customizing medallions

1. Determine the recipient of the award: 

Whether the recipient of the award is an individual, unit, collective or other institution, etc. For example, "advanced collectives, advanced individuals, outstanding employees of the year", etc., because the difference in award recipients will directly affect many aspects of the medal: such as the hanging position, size, award form, etc., the medal that cannot always be awarded to an individual is too large, and it has no place to put and other issues to be taken into account.

2. The purpose of customizing medallions: 

Is it for the annual year-end incentive mechanism of employees or unit collectives, or is it a routine; is it for product quality and brand marketing, or if we see medals in other stores; is it to commend subordinate units or individuals, or to reassure people and so on.

3. Determine the specifications of custom medallions: 

In terms of the size of custom medallions, many customers often ask about the specifications and standard sizes commonly used by manufacturers of medals. In fact, the commonly used ones we often say are the specifications summed up in a concise manner according to everyone's design and practical cases. Actually, the real gold content of the medal is not in the size of the specification. However, when the objects of your awards are different, you should make them in different sizes. For example, if you are issued to a collective unit, it should be larger than the size issued to an individual.

4. Determine the award name of the custom medallions: 

After determining the purpose of production and the recipient of the award, the next step is how to name the medal. Here, you can adjust measures to local conditions according to the actual situation. Remember to distinguish the industry and professional characteristics of the recipients of the award, distinguish between the group and the individual, and what kind of award.

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