Why is Heat Treatment of Mould Necessary in Medal Production

Heat treatment of mould is a very important process in the production of custom medals, which directly determines the appearance and quality of medals, and the service life of the mould.

At present, the raw materials for medals are largely made of zinc alloy by die casting. The mould is used to cast the liquid of zinc alloy to mould block, which is called die casting mould for short. Die casting mould has high production. It can cast artwares with various shapes, precise dimension and clear reliefs. It is widely used in the production of medals, badges, commemorative badges and other crafts.

What's the difference between the medals made by heat-treated dies and unheated ones?

1. Appearance. Heat treatment can reduce the blemishes of the medal and make it more smooth.

2. Shape. Heat treatment will present a better relief by making the outline and facade more clear.

3. Quality of dies. After heat treatment, dies will get significant improvements in service life, wear resistance, erosion resistance, deformation resistance and other aspects.

It should be noted that the mould after heat treatment can not be modified. That's why we need to make samples and communicate with customers during custom made medals production. Communication before heat treatment leaves rooms for modifications in case that customers want to change some details. Then the mould will be heated and be applied to manufacture. Samples are generally not as good-looking as the final products because samples are cast in mould without heat treatment.

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