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Military Medal

Buy custom military-style medals with customized military medal ribbon from military medal maker Pinstar!

The Military Medal Pins are awarded to brave personnel in battle or outstanding achievement of the army force. This type of custom printed medals made of a medallion and a ribbon. You can choose to custom medallions and custom military ribbons. 

As a professional military medal maker and military ribbons creator, we offer you custom military ribbons and custom military style medals services. If you are looking for a reliable military medal maker, Pinstar is your perfect choice. Advise us of your design and detailed requirement, and our creative designers will make your design come true. Pinstar is your trustworthy military medal maker. Contact us now!


As a leading military medal maker and military ribbon creator, Pinstar can manufacture the army meritorious medal in various sizes and finishes. There's no better way to honor your career and highlight your accomplishments than with a thoroughly crafted military medal rack. Contact us for details of different military medals and custom military ribbons.

Specification Of Pinstar Custom Military Style Medals

NameCustom Military Style Medals
Medal SizeCustomizable (From 1 3/4” to 6” Medals)
Medal Shape
  • Common Shape like circular, pentagram, etc.

  • Raised edge and rim are available.

  • Accept customization of different shapes.

Medal PatternCustomizable
Medal RibbonCustomizable (Printed, Sateen, Solid Color or Custom Print Your Own Neck Ribbon)
ColorsChoose From an Array of Colors
Medal Finishes Gold Antique, Silver Antique, Bronze Antique, Gold Polished, Silver Polished and Bronze Polished All Available with Colorfill
DesignChoose What Artwork or Logo You Want to Use Incorporating Color, Text and Imagery

How to Custom Military Ribbons And Medals From Pinstar

 If you're looking to customize military medal ribbons and medals, Pinstar is a top military medal maker that can help you create custom military style medals that perfectly reflect the pride and honor of your unit or organization. If you're looking to create customized military medal ribbons or medals, there are a few important steps to follow. Here's what you'll need to know to get started:


  • Design: The first step is to choose the artwork or logo that you want to use for your custom military style medals. This can include text, imagery, and colors that are meaningful to your organization or unit. Work with a graphic designer or use Pinstar's online design tool to create a design that meets your specifications. 

  • Shape: Pinstar can create any shape of medal that you desire, including standard shapes and custom shapes that are unique to your organization.

  • Size: Depending on your needs, Pinstar can create medals in a variety of sizes, ranging from small lapel pins to larger medals that are up to 6 inches in diameter.

  • Colors: Pinstar offers an array of colors to choose from, including traditional military colors as well as more vibrant options. Choose colors that will complement your design and reflect the values of your organization or unit.

  • Medal Finishes: Pinstar offers a range of medal finishes, including gold antique, silver antique, bronze antique, gold polished, silver polished, and bronze polished. Additionally, you can opt for colorfill to add more detail and depth to your design.

  • Neck Ribbons: Finally, choose the type of neck ribbon that you want to accompany your medals. Pinstar offers printed, sateen, solid color, and custom-printed neck ribbons that feature your own design or logo.

By working with the professional military medal creator Pinstar, you can create a truly unique and personalized military medal! Welcome to contact us!

What Are Custom Military Style Medals?

Military style medals are commemorative items that are typically awarded to members of the military in recognition of their service, bravery, or achievement. They are designed to honor and recognize the sacrifices and contributions made by individuals in the military. 

Custom military-style medals are created by military medal makers like Pinstar, who specialize in designing and producing unique and personalized medals. These custom medals can be designed to commemorate specific events, units, or individuals, and can be tailored to include specific details such as unit insignia, dates, and personal messages. 

In addition to custom medals, as a custom military ribbon maker, Pinstar can create custom ribbons to attach to the medals, adding a further level of personalization and meaning. Military-style medals and ribbons are typically worn on military uniforms or displayed as an honor in a home or office.

How Are Custom Military Style Medals Different From Standard Medals

Custom military style medals differ from standard medals in several significant ways, and the expertise of a custom military ribbon maker can help create truly unique and personalized designs.

  • Custom military style medals, created by a military medal maker like Pinstar, are different from standard medals in that they can be customized to include specific colors, symbols, and images that are important to the recipient or organization. The customization options available through Pinstar's customized military medal ribbon service allow for greater flexibility in designing medals that accurately represent the recipient's or organization's accomplishments.

  • In addition, custom military style medals often feature more intricate designs and details than standard medals. The expertise of a custom military ribbon maker like Pinstar can help create unique designs that highlight the recipient's or organization's specific achievements and accomplishments. This level of detail ensures that the medals are unique and stand out from standard medals.

  • Another difference between custom military style medals and standard medals is the level of personalization. Pinstar's customized military medal ribbon service can engrave the recipient's name, rank, and other relevant information onto the medal, making it a one-of-a-kind item that is uniquely suited to the recipient's achievements and accomplishments.

Overall, custom military style medals created by a military medal maker like Pinstar offer greater flexibility, personalization, and attention to detail than standard medals. With the help of a custom military ribbon maker, recipients, and organizations can create unique and meaningful medals that accurately represent their accomplishments and achievements.

Custom Military Medals: Options for Gold and Silver Plating

In fact, as a professional military medal maker, Pinstar can produce custom military style medals which can be plated with real gold. Electroplated gold is usually divided into 18K gold, 20K gold, and 24K gold. These real gold effects will be better, bright color, strong metal, and important is not easy to be oxidized. This is also very easy to keep. However, the price is relatively high, so most customers still choose to imitation gold. In addition, we can also be divided into high light and matte gold according to the gloss of the surface, high light is also called bright gold, and dumb gold is also called pearl gold. Generally speaking, color and metal is inferior to real gold, but for ordinary custom military style medals, this is a good choice.

In the production of metal military medal lapel pins, there is silver plating, but electroplating is rarely used. This is because the metal of silver is more active and very easy to form oxidized, grayed, and blackened, so the color effect is not Especially good. In addition, the price is also very high, so electroplating silver is not an unsuitable choice. Therefore, most of the Custom Medals production prefers to use nickel plating to achieve the silver effect of the medal, and the use of nickel plating is relatively lower than the cost of silver plating, and the characteristics are much more stable.

The Military Medal is awarded to brave personnel in battle or outstanding achievement of the army force. It is a medal made of a medallion and a ribbon. If you want custom military-style medals wholesale, please feel free to contact Pinstar, the military medal maker and custom military ribbon maker. Advise us on your design and detailed requirement for custom military-style medals, and our creative designers will make your design into a reality. In addition to the custom military-style medals, the customized military medal ribbon is also accepted.

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