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Metal Keychains

Since 2003, we have manufactured cool metal keychains, which are perfect for party favor, sports events, business organization, promotional activities. As a keychain and keyring manufacturer, we offer custom made metal keychains with a wide choice of shapes and colors. Metal keychains such as metal stamped keychains can be made by stamping, casting and photo etching as your design. Contact our team of creative designers to know how to make your personalised metal keychains.


Metal Keychains Features

We are proud to produce the best promotional products, keychain. Our products are made of vibrant enamel, smooth finish and durable gold, silver, copper and black dye plating, which is far from the souvenir store appliances that are used to hang on people's key chains. If you are looking for the best custom logo metal keychains manufacturer to order in bulk, then you have come to the right place, we guarantee.

We use the best materials and equipment to customize the key chain. We have excellent staff to make your design lively and interesting. We are very happy to help you take every step, and we are proud of our custom metal keychains wholesale service, working with you.

Pinstar can make cast keychains, which is ideal for replicating small details featuring unique cutouts or shapes. 

Printed keychains are a lightweight and cost-effective way to blend colors and photos.

Derived from the tradition of forging, the stamping process involves the use of a press to punch or punch it during the stamping process. Pressing creates both raised and recessed details, creating a stylish look for your brand.

Metal Keychains Order Process

  • Sending us your ideas and sketch.

  • Deciding on the details like the shape, quantity, and size.

  • ProducING and ship METAL KEYCHAINS to you.

Metal Keychains Features

  • Made of die struck metal.

  • Available with full plating options for the base metal.

  • Bright vivid colors with complex, custom shapes available.

  • A variety of attchment for you to choose from.

Do You Have Any Questions?

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Customer Feedbacks

  • Great quality, the agent who was in touch with me was really helpful and professional, she guided me through the whole process and offered fast and practical solutions when problems aroseit's my s...
    Customer 3 Customer 3
    Customer 3
  • lt was very easy to work with Frank, who was very quick in his responses, accurate in his designs, and flexible to match my requests. He was amazing to work with and l am very happy with the quality o...
    Customer 7 Customer 7
    Customer 7
  • The manufacturer was very open and honest. They communicated very well and frequently checked in with me to make sure that the project was moving as per my request. I will 100% use their service again...
    Customer 1 Customer 1
    Customer 1
  • I have received the enamel keychains and i like them very much and they are prettier than what i have expected!
    Customer 2 Customer 2
    Customer 2
  • Very impressed with my keychains, I'm obsessed with how they came out. Pinstar did a great job of communicating and responding quickly to all of my questions. Once production was finished the ship...
    Customer 4 Customer 4
    Customer 4
  • My package came incredibly fast, I will definitely order again! Great quality, all packaged and ready to give to my employees.Thank you! l ended up choosing a different design after my first inquiry.
    Customer 5 Customer 5
    Customer 5
  • Very good customer service by Mindy. she is clear, understanding and has a perfect English proficiency. The product quality is decent and colors are perfect!
    Customer 6 Customer 6
    Customer 6
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