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PVC Medals

We offer a variety of sizes, shapes and colors for customizing PVC rubber medals. This type of custom made medals can be made for 2D flat or 3D cubic accroding to your design and detailed requirements. As to light weight and softer than metal medals, it usually is a very pupolar award for fun sports and children’s activities. The unique feature of PVC medals is that they are molded and filled color, so there is no limitation of colors and shapes and cheaper than metal medals.


Neck ribbon is available with polyester, nyon, etc. And your logo or design can be heat transfer printed or offset printing on the ribbon to make them bright looking and adorable.

PVC Medals Specifications

  • Material: Eco-friendly soft rubber PVC

  • Design: 2D flat or 3D cubic

  • Neck Ribbon: Available with polyester, nylon, heat transfer, tube or woven pattern

  • Color: Based on Panton colors for both PVC and neck ribbon

  • Usage: for sport activtives, especially for children

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