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Embroidery Keychain

Wholesale custom embroidered keychains from Pinstar!

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of custom embroidered keychains, Pinstar has specialized in custom embroidered keychains for many years. With 20 years of experience creating the embroidered keychain, we are always surprised by our customer's ideas and wonderful designs. Custom embroidered keychain is a good choice to promote business or commemorate activities. Pinstar focuses on high-quality and exquisite embroidered key chain manufacturing. We don't just sell finished embroidered key chain products. We also produce personalized embroidered keychains. If you want to custom embroidered key tags or custom embroidered keychains, you can just send us your ideas, designs, and requirements about custom embroidered keychains. Our designers can make your design come true. Or We will draft artwork for your approval free before mass production. Looking forward to cooperating with you. 

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Custom Embroidered Key Tags Services

As a professional and experienced custom embroidered key tags and keychains manufacturer, Pinstar offers you custom embroidered key tags services. You can make your custom embroidered keychains with different materials, colors, borders.


We offer a wide choice of materials: Twill fabric, Cotton, Satin, Felt, Velvet, Mesh, Leather, Polyester Thread / Metal Thread etc.

Consult our creative designers to make your design or logo into life.


There two kinds of borders: Merrowed Border and Laser Cut Border for you to choose from.


We support custom design with a wide choice of fabric colors for the background and border to match your vision.

Welcome to contact us for more imformation about custom embroidered key tags!

Embroidery Keychain Features

They are 100% customizable, and the background and border are available in a variety of colors (optional). You can insert text and logos at front and back.

Depending on the complexity of the logo (or image) to be integrated on the key ring, it is necessary to choose the knitting method instead of embroidery, as knitting can obtain more details and precision processing during the manufacturing process.

  • Size: 130*25mm,130*30mm,135*28mm, or different size as per customers’request

  • Process: embroidered logo with both sides

  • Embroidered area: 30% ,50% ,75%,100%

  • Background :polyester, fabric,cloth,twill

  • Attachment: 30mm key ring + eyelet

As a professional custom embroidered key tags and custom embroidered keychains manufacturer and supplier, Pinstar is willing to provide you with meticulous custom embroidered key tags services. Welcome to contact us!

Advantages Of Custom Embroidered Key Tags

Custom embroidered key tags can offer a number of advantages, including brand promotion, durability, customizability, easy identification, personalization, etc.

  • Brand promotion: Custom embroidered key tags can be created with a company logo, tagline, or product image. This is a great way to promote a brand or business. The custom embroidered key tag of the embroidered key chain can be distributed to employees, customers, or partners. So custom embroidery keychain can be an effective marketing tool.

  • Durability: Embroidered key tags are made with high-quality materials. Custom embroidered keychain are durable and long-lasting, making them an ideal choice for items that will be used frequently, such as keys.

  • Customizability: Custom embroidered key tags can be created in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing for complete customization to fit the specific needs of a business or organization. The embroidery of the custom embroidered key tags can also include details such as names, numbers, or dates, which make the custom embroidered keychain meaningful and unique.

  • Personalization: Custom embroidered key tags can be a great way to add a personal touch to keys or other items. They can be customized with images, names, or other details, making them a unique and personal item. Personalized embroidered keychain is a great option for identification and presents.

If you want to design your own embroidered keychains, welcome to contact Pinstar. As a professional and experienced custom embroidered keychain manufacturer, Pinstar has rich experience in help customers make personalized embroidered keychain. Our custom embroidered keychains are of high-quality. Don't worry about not knowing design your own embroidered keychains, our designers will tell you how to make embroidered keychains. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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  • I'm a repeat customer of four or so years! These tags are awesome. And the customer service is fantastic. Thank you!
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  • Very easy to work with shop for customization. Even sent me an extra one free of charge, highly recommend!
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  • Came in a timely manner and I even got an extra one with my order. Will be looking forward to ordering from them again, thank you so much!
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