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Commemorative Coins

Commemorative coins are not only popular among coin collectors, but also among companies, organizations and associations. Commemoration with coins is one of the best ways to ensure continuous memory of specific events or occasions. Recognize that corporate anniversaries, achievements or public figures are what we do best.


Our customers know that designing and casting commemorative coins is an excellent way to distinguish a milestone or achievement. We help companies and organizations celebrate excellence by creating unique commemorative coin sets. Our customers found that the lasting value and prestige provided by the modern commemorative coins cannot be achieved by custom t-shirts and pencils. Whether it is to commemorate the achievements of the enterprise or to celebrate the birthday or anniversary of your lover, the commemorative coins customized by Regent Mint show your commitment to the things you care about.

Commemorative Coins Specifications

  • Material can be zinc alloy or brass material.

  • MOQ is 100pcs per design for both zinc alloy & brass materials.

  • Common size is 38mm/ 42mm/ 45mm/ 50mm.

  • Double sides with motifs, 2D flat or 3D cubic by custom designs.

  • Colors can be soft enamel; imitation hard enamel or no colors.

  • Finishing can be shiny/ matte/ antique or mirror effects.

  • Always with 3 sides polishing.

  • 9 patterns of diamond cut edges for options.

  • Custom designs welcome.


We offer custom design service. Get a quote of your coin design.


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Customer Feedbacks

  • I am 100% satisfied with not only the supplier service but with the commemorative coin its self. The quality is outstanding and the price is significantly reasonable. They have gained a loyal customer without a doubt.
    Customer 1 Customer 1
    Customer 1
  • The company, and Erin in particular, was extremely professional, helpful, and easy to work with. She was patient with all our requests and the product and the quality of the finished product met our e...
    Customer 2 Customer 2
    Customer 2
  • Product received! Excellent quality work! I developed the art and the final product was exactly as I intended it to be. They were distributed and received many compliments. Congratulations for the ser...
    Customer 3 Customer 3
    Customer 3
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